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Based on your GraphQL schema, it translates GraphQL Queries and Mutations into Cypher statements and executes them on Neo4j. It offers both an HTTP API, as well as, Neo4j Cypher Procedures to execute and manage your GraphQL API. See how to get started with the Neo4j-GraphQL plugin in Neo4j Desktop. This video shows how to expose a GraphQL API from Neo4j, both by using data already stored in Neo4j to create the GraphQL schema, and by using a GraphQL schema defined in SDL to interact with Neo4j. Neo4j-GraphQL is an integration that translates GraphQL to Cypher and allows for inclusion of Cypher in GraphQL through the use of `@cypher` GraphQL schema directives. There are two versions of the integration available depending on the architecture of your application. 02/04/2018 · Learn how to build a GraphQL service backed by Neo4j using the Neo4j-GraphQL plugin, available in Neo4j Desktop. See blog post here: blog.grandstack. Despite the “Graph” in the name, GraphQL is mostly used to query relational databases or object models. But it is really well suited to querying graph databases too. In this on-demand webinar, Will demonstrates how he implemented a GraphQL endpoint for the Neo4j graph database and how you would use it in your application.

28/05/2018 · GraphQL has been a pretty hot topic lately and after attending PyCon Nove which was amazing and watching a few talks about GraphQL and Neo4j got us really interested to try them out together, which. 02/11/2017 · The Neo4j Developer Relations team is tasked with making sure developers can build applications backed by Neo4j using their favorite technologies. One technology we’ve been really excited about recently is GraphQL. GraphQL is a relatively new. Join GitHub today. GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. 22/06/2017 · For my nodejs app, I am using neo4j 3.2.0 community edition as a primary database and I want to create a Graphql APIserver and establish connection between this api server and neo4j db. I.

27/03/2017 · Up until this weekend I’ve never used Go, never setup a GraphQL server, nor have taken advantage of Neo4j. I’m no genius, just hard headed and persistent. I’m not an expert in Go, GraphQL, nor Neo4j, this was written in hopes to get you started on a track. 22/12/2019 · In this course we will learn some of the basics of getting data into and out of Neo4J, as well as touch on some of the libraries and tooling available in the Neo4J community ecosystem, which we will leverage to quickly create and use a full-featured GraphQL API. We will start by learning how to run and interact with Neo4J locally.

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